Our Engineering Office has specialized for years in inspections and assessments of hydroelectric power plants and infrastructures. 
We guarantee expert knowledge and accuracy and are happy to advise you on any problems you may have.
We also provide GIS-based solutions for your infrastructures.



•  Inspections and verifications of:

     •  penstocks

     •  galleries and channels

     •  turbines

•  High-precision corrosion analysis (see measurements)

•  Video inspections

•  Assessments


•  Penstock St. Pankraz (BZ)

•  Penstocks St. Walburg (BZ)

•  Penstock Gombaro (SO)

•  Penstock Fonti (VB)

•  Penstock Brixen (BZ)

•  Penstock San Germano (TO)

•  Penstock Inverso Pinasca (TO)

•  Penstock Villar Perosa (TO)

•  Penstock Valfontana (SO)

•  Penstock Glurns (BZ)

•  Penstock St. Florian (BZ)

•  Water gallery Cencenighe (BL)

•  Water gallery Gombaro (SO)

•  Water gallery Kalserbach (A)

•  Water gallery Kampl (A)

•  Numerous penstocks and plant components

    of smaller plants


•  Alperia Greenpower Ltd

•  SF Energie Ltd

•  Tiroler Wasserkraft plc

•  Enel Produzione Ltd

•  Stadtwerke Bruneck

•  4EMME Ltd

•  CESI plc

•  Energie plc

•  Numerous operators of small and medium-sized

    hydropower plants





•  Corrosion measurements with LaserScan

•  Measurements of wall and coating thicknesses

•  Measurements and evaluation of corrosion erosion

•  Inspections of welds

•  Controls on coatings (X-Cut, Cross-Cut, Pull-Off)


•  Controls on the penstock St. Pankraz (BZ)

•  Controls on the penstock St. Walburg (BZ)

•  Controls on the penstock Gombaro (SO)

•  Controls on the penstock San Germano (TO)

•  Controls on the penstock Inverso Pinasca (TO)

• Controls on the penstock Villar Perosa (TO)

•  Controls on the penstock Valfontana (SO)

•  Controls on the penstock Glurns (BZ)

•  Controls on the penstock St. Florian (BZ)

•  Checks on numerous penstocks and plant components

    of smaller plants


•  Alperia Greenpower Ltd

•  SF Energie Ltd

•  Stadtwerke Bruneck

•  4EMME Ltd

•  CESI plc

•  Energie plc

•  Numerous operators of small and medium-sized

    hydropower plants




•  Risk analyses

•  Structural calculations

•  Conditions according to resolution no. 221 of 02.04.2019

•  Technical approvals

•  Preparation of expert advices

•  Activity as official and party expert

•  Due Diligence of hydroelectric power plants


•  Risk analyse penstock St. Pankraz (BZ)

•  Risk analyse penstock St. Walburg (BZ)

•  Numerous risk analyses and registers in accordance

    with resolution no. 221 of 02.04.2019

•  Technical approval power plant Bergkristall

•  Technical approval power plant Rabenstein

•  Numerous due diligences for small and medium-sized power plants

•  Expert activities HPP Prags (BZ)
•  Expert activities HPP Rambach (BZ)
•  Expert activities
 HPP Bruneck (BZ)


•  Alperia Greenpower Ltd

•  Stadtwerke Bruneck

•  Energie plc

•  Numerous operators of small and medium-sized

    hydropower plants




•  Consulting

•  Planning

•  Site management

•  Project management

•  Precision measurements


•  Project Management HPP Dun (BZ)

•  Project Management HPP Rambach (BZ)

•  Engineering & construction management HPP Göge (BZ - 2,2 MW)
•  Engineering & construction management HPP Winnebach (BZ - 2,1 MW)
•  Engineering & construction management HPP Puni (BZ - 3,3 MW)
•  Engineering & construction management HPP Schnals (BZ - 2,5 MW)
•  Construction of a valve chamber at HPP Antholz Oberstufe
•  Construction of a valve chamber at HPP Weißenbach

•  Technical assistance HPP San Germano (TO)
•  Technical assistance HPP in Skopje (MK)


•  E-Werk Dun Kons.-Ltd

•  E-Werk Rambach Kons.-Ltd

•  Energie plc

•  Operators of small and medium-sized

    hydropower plants





We provide the documentation required by the resolution of 24 February 2015, no. 204 regarding the functionality, safety and reliability of drinking water and irrigation systems.

   •  Performance of initial inspections
   •  Preparation of operation and maintenance plans
   •  Assessment of pipelines and plant components
   •  Video inspections
   •  Integration of the plants into the GIS


•  Drinking water supply system Mareit
•  Drinking water supply system Mareit Sonnenseite
•  Drinking water supply system Jaufental
•  Drinking water supply system Telfes
•  Irrigation system Zingerle Antholz
•  Irrigation system Hochkofler Sarntal
•  Irrigation system Unterkircher Vintl


•  Operators of drinking water supply systems
•  Operators of irrigation systems



App for professional inspections

We have developed SMOHS Inspector to provide hydropower operators with a professional tool for their inspections. In comparison to the conventional reports of inspections, the app has the following advantages:

   •  Central data storage
   •  Georeferencing of the surveys
   •  Standardization of the data
   •  Introduction of a uniform terminology

       and concerted evaluation criteria
   •  Linking of sketches, photos, video and audio recordings
   •  Automatic transfer of data from the app to the database
   •  Automatic generation of customer-specific adaptable reports

GIS-based software for the monitoring of hydropower plants

The added value of our GIS-based software SMOHS Supervisor can be explained as follows:
   •  Creation of a central, georeferenced database for the management of

       hydropower plants
   •  Optimisation of the operation of the plants and increase of safety

   •  Digitalization and georeferencing of all plant components and

   •  Linking of informations, plans, documents etc.
   •  Mapping of hazard potentials, potential damage events and

       damage susceptibilities
   •  Assessment of the specific risk
   •  Intuitive query of information
   •  Link with information from inspections and maintenance
   •  Documentation of operational activities and decisions (civil- and

       criminal law relevance)
   •  Possible renegotiation insurance policy
   •  Fast and intuitive query of important telephone numbers,

       e-mail-addresses, etc.
   •  Common language in communication between operating companies and

       stakeholders (e.g. civil protection) via WebGIS platform.

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